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Re: Minimal.DB

>>>>> "Pascal" == C Regis Wilson <> writes:

    Pascal> The question is, "What is truly minimal?"  Some might
    Pascal> argue that LambdaCore is minimal.  Others posit that
    Pascal> ZenMOO ( is minimal, but which
    >>  I think the concept here was minimal in the mathematical sense
    >> of operators.  Such a minimal.db would have the smallest
    >> possible number of objects, and those objects would be as
    >> simple as possible, such
    Pascal> I propose therefore, a core with zero objects.  This fits
    Pascal> all your criteria.

    >> that a virtual world with evolvable dynamic behaviour could be
    >> developed from that minimal.db without recourse to "external"
    >> means.
    Pascal> Oh, in that case, minimal.db is much too minimal.  You
    Pascal> would need a core that would develop itself, since
    Pascal> wizards, programmers and builders are all "external"
    Pascal> "means".  I wrote an AI program a few years back which I
    Pascal> might port to MOO.  I could even use it in the upcoming
    Pascal> T'Hung'AMOO release.  I could also release the AI core!
    Pascal> Thank you for the ideas.

Well, what I was trying to get at was a db that would let humans (or
BOTs!) develop the virtual world without having to manually edit the
database off-line, and without having to write external programs or
functions/subroutines.  The idea was that the virtual world could be
developed from inside the MOO itself alone.

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