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Re: Where'd MOO come from?

I think your information is somewhat accurate....

Essentially, the originator of the MOO code, GHOND? set up the language,
and built the original minimal database. As an alternative to MUDS.

Pavel, having a few more resources, took the code, which was not, as far
as I can see, copyright protected, made a few modifications which are
clearly marked in the update files, and became its main maintainer, and
has now passed that role on to eric.

>From that code, Pavel built Lambda MOO, and started the whole MOO
MOOvement which would not have been started nearly as fast, if it hadn't
had support in

Looking at the source code, you can see, that in-fact, pavel has retained
much of the original listing including the originators name, as part of
his extension. Without knowing who made the claim, I would have to say
that it is probably accurate. If the question is who started the code,
the answer is NOT Pavel. If the question is who made it a workable system
and maintained it for years, then the answer may well be Pavel.

If the question is who started the MOO MOOvement, that made it popular,
then, the answer is probably Pavel again. So while your freind has no
contest on his Origination, Pavel is not without some Kudoes as well.


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