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RE: Where'd MOO come from?

> Pavel, having a few more resources, took the code,
> which was not, as far as I can see, copyright protected,
> made a few modifications which are clearly marked in
> the update files, and became its main maintainer, and
> has now passed that role on to eric.

Just to squelch this rumor before it goes any further:

  Pavel got Stephen's permission before using his code.

Aside from it being generally bad form for him not to have done so, it
is the case, under the terms of the Berne Convention (which the US
joined something on the order of 15 years ago...) that there doesn't
need to be an explicit notice in order for there to be copyright
protection.  To be sure, you have a much easier time enforcing it in
court if there *is* an explicit notice, so it's best to have one, but
it's not *strictly* necessary.

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