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Re: Pueblo

At 10:18 PM 11/5/96 -0500, Matt Dominianni wrote:
>WHat's the telnet addresfor an example of a paradigm MOO?

You can visit the original Paradigm at 7000

>And if this isn't the best way to get Pueblo-fancy, what is?

I'm working on another Paradigm for ColdMUD...  It is MUCH faster and
suppourts all the nifty little bells and whistles that MOO doesn't... ie.
lightweight objects // frobs, multiple connections to the same character
(this includes one Telnet, one IRC and one Pueblo -- all to the same
character, and the codes are displayed properly for each client!), multiple
windows (One with the room description or picture, which you can click on
like Myst, one with the room's contents, one with inventory, etc etc. -- The
windows even auto-update when the room or inventory or whatever changes),
level-based permissions (no more needing chparent or .wizard and .programmer
... just set the level.), multiple inheritance, new data types such as
Dictionary for fast hashed lookups, a *comprehendable* database file, fast
unforked binary saves... etc etc etc etc!

If anyone is *really* interested, (I mean REALLY), I'll create you an
account... but I expect some ideas from every account I create.

- Kipp
I'm sick of writing signatures.


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