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Re: Pueblo

	I am very interested in using/publishing your core.  Please contact me at

> From: Matthew Hapke <>
> To:
> Subject: Pueblo
> Date: Wednesday, November 06, 1996 8:49 PM
> I have done some heavy Pueblo enhancements, and though I haven't cleaned
> them up into a specific download anywhere, anyone who is interested can
> come by and look...  I'll give you a quick rundown of the additions:
> 1.  Pueblo Options window, which has a set of option buttons that allow
> you to turn some settigns on and off, @quit easily, etc..
> 2. Pueblo tool bar, which has a quick set of buttons for email, @who,
> look, etc..
> 3. Sound and pic for every room. Each room has a picture message and a
> sound message that can be set.  You set these like any other message,
> and the root to the pic files is a separate prop on the main Pueblo
> Enhancement object.
> 4. Quick and easy set of verbs for doing things like: 
> player:tell($pu:enhance(msg,"bold large color=red")), or
> $pu:window("options");
> 5. Form tool for editing mail, verbs and text in a form based pueblo
> window.
> 6. Separate windows for help and mail, so that mail can be read without
> having to scroll up alot :)
> 7. picture_msg on player:
> 8. Auto command list on objects: This means that when you look at an
> object with pueblo, if it has auto commands, they appear at the bottom
> of the description. For instance, a seat in my moo has the auto command
> sit down underneath it, and standup.
> 9. Default command in inventory.  Inventory can appear in a separate
> window if players choose, and when their own inventory comes up, each
> item is clickable, with this command being issued. Usually the command
> is look object
> 10. The usual Exits and items in the room description are clickable.
> 11. Form based Object editor. This one is functional, but could use some
> work. It gives you a field on a form for every changeable prop on an
> object (changeable by you). It breaks on larger objects however. (like
> player and room)
> There are more features, but this is what I remember for now... If
> someone wants the code, or would like to take it and make a public
> download out of it, you are more then welcome.  Send me some E-mail...

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