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Re: Pueblo

At 09:20 PM 11/5/96 PST, Frank Crowell wrote:
>However, I didn't do as complete of a job as Kipp did for Paradigm.
>I've also wondered if anyone has made a Pueblo version of 
>either LambdaMOO or JHC (I work with JHC).

There isn't a piece of code in Paradigm that uses (," does
something") ... I replaced everything with pronoun substitution...
:announce_all() is used more often than :announce().. ie.

player.location:announce_all("%N %<does> something.");

%N is converted to or "You" properly... etc.  To add Pueblo
suppourt, I simply edited the code that filled in the "%N".

Since Lambda has WAAAAY too many things, it would be alot more
work to edit all of these verbs.

- Kipp
I'm sick of writing signatures.


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