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Pueblo and Java.

Hi guys,

I'm a little backlogged on mail, so didn't jump in when everyone was 
talkign.  After reading some of the conversation on Pueblo I downloaded 
it.  It crashed as soon as I booted and couldn't make it work, running 
Win'95.  So, I can't really follow the thread.

In any event, I've seen on other moo's a telnet client built into the web 
page.  Figured this was done with java, so bought a book on java.  I've 
looked at the telnet code for it, and that can be hacked into a moo 
client pretty easily.(grin, 3 months later, it looked easy.)  What I'd 
like to do is a double window web page.  with the top half showing the 
url of a graphic, and the bottome window being a moo client.  I think it 
can be done without much moo hacking, just a property, called, I don't 
know, web on player, and a mod of look self that it sends an encoded url 
to the java program.

In any event those are my thoughts in this very preliminary stage.  The 
method is a security breach though, if someone knew the code, they could 
just send the player the url of nude babes on ice or something(chuckle)

In any event, I would like to join this other list if it is formed, 
because I want to keep up with the Jones.  But, I want somethign 
flexible, because we have a large blind community, so I want them to get 
text descriptions of any graphic.

Happy Surfing,
               John Leone  john@GrassRootsMOO 8888


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