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Re: How do I protect a wiz-owned :enterfunc?

At 04:11 PM 11/27/96 PST, Francis Litterio wrote:
>I'm a wizard who owns a room that defines its own :enterfunc.  In some
>circumstances, the :enterfunc has to be able to move() the entering
>player to another location without fail -- so I have to make the
>:enterfunc wiz-owned.
>I must protect the verb so that it can only be called by the server and
>never by a programmer or another verb.  But when the 1.8.0p5 server
>calls :enterfunc, caller and player are both set to something _other_
>than #-1.  What check can I do to enforce that the :enterfunc is only
>called from the server?

check callers()[1] and make sure it's
{#-1, "move", #-1, #-1, player}

well the fifth element might not always be player, but you can check 1-4.

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