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Re: How do I protect a wiz-owned :enterfunc?

	On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Francis Litterio wrote:

	I must protect the verb so that it can only be called by the
	server and never by a programmer or another verb.  But when the
	1.8.0p5 server calls :enterfunc, caller and player are both set to
	something _other_ than #-1. 
	What check can I do to enforce that the :enterfunc is only
	called from the server? 

Well, if you want to be really sure (and probably there's a better way):
  last_activ = callers()[$];
  if (last_activ[4]!=#-1 && last_activ[3]!=#-1 && last_activ[2]==""))
    "caller was not a builtin function";

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