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Re: Suggestion, re: Minimal.db

> A 700 lines verb that cause commands like @grep to run out of ticks is

Actually, this depends on what server hardware you're using.

> It just perfom a job. If the users of that verb were less lazy they would
> have rewritten it... or is everyone disgusted by digging through 700 lines
> of code ? (No offense Def.)

Actually, I did rewrite it, into an object called Autoport Utilities.  
This object allows porting from A to B while on MOO C, for example, 
two-way porting (to or from your MOO), and more robustness (it's 
extremely reliable as far as porting the whole object).  This object is 
available as #177 on RiverMOO ( 8888).

> >        This may necessitate a standard for Moos - like #0, some
> > place where autoport can find pointers to 'known' objects -
> >perhaps Everyman has changed, or something like that.  That way
> >Autoport can correct code that is made Autoportable via keywords
> Ever heard about $sysobj and $no_one? no? maybe you should not port stuff...

You missed the point -- some objects, like Quinn's utilities from Lambda, 
are considered `essential', as are many room generics, player classes 
(read: Frand's), etc.  Not every important generic is corified.

> Do you port obj with your wizard character ? if yes, please leave me the
> address of your MOO... I will drop by...

You're obliged to port as a wizard, unless someone's violated my 
copyright and given Autoport to non-wizards.

> Janus (very lazy - why should I use @autoport when emacs does the job more
> quickly and without wiz perms ?)

Autoport was written for people WITHOUT fancy client programs.  Don't 
take TinyFugue or EMACS for granted -- there are more wizards using 
straight telnet than not.  It was also written to port large amounts of 
object code into your MOO, presumably to get a new site going.  There are 
other factors involved in the decision to make it wizard-only, which I 
can enumerate for any interested parties.

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