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Re: Setup Comments Please (newbie)

>>>>> "David" == David Channon <> writes:

    David> 	HI,

    David> 	I have been given the job of setting up a virtual
    David> environment based on the Lambda Moo so I am asking for
    David> comments and advice to the best approach to satisfy the
    David> requirements.

    David> 	The environment will be a virtual model of the
    David> university and the students (1st year) will be using it
    David> contact staff and other student and study ethics issues.

    David> 	The environment is expected to be able to: 1) Log all
    David> connects e.g. The internet address.  2) Control connects
    David> e.g. Password or Access lists, friendly domains or sites.
    David> 3) Replace the builtin editor with Vi or some other full
    David> screen editor.  4) File storage exchange mechanisms. Local
    David> edit then send to the Moo or the reverse.  5) Develop or
    David> modify a "Good" Client program.

    David> 	Thank you for your help in advance, any and all advice
    David> is appreciated.

This set of requirements is really very similar to the requirements
that I have for a MOO virtual environment to act as a conferencing
system for church related issues.  I was going to set the scene up
like a church summer bible camp, but a campus is a campus...

Please forward any interesting replies you get to this post that might
help me in setting this thing up.  I hate to re-invent the wheel,
because I usually re-invent the flat tire with it :-)


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