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Re: Suggestion, re: Minimal.db

At 4:02 12/1/95, Bill Garrett wrote:
>> >        This may necessitate a standard for Moos - like #0, some
>> > place where autoport can find pointers to 'known' objects -
>> >perhaps Everyman has changed, or something like that.  That way
>> >Autoport can correct code that is made Autoportable via keywords
>> Ever heard about $sysobj and $no_one? no? maybe you should not port stuff...
>You missed the point -- some objects, like Quinn's utilities from Lambda,
>are considered `essential', as are many room generics, player classes
>(read: Frand's), etc.  Not every important generic is corified.

Perhaps I missed the point, but as far as I know Everyman is $no_one.

I agree that there is a problem with object that are not corrified but that
are still essential. I was thinking of generalizing the use of $local and a
& prefix. The idea would be that every programmer could @local-corify
mygeneric as myfoobar. You would then have   &myfoobar == $local.myfoobar
== mygeneric. The trick is to change set_verb_code so and eval so that they
do the &myfoobar -> $local.myfoobar conversion and to have verb_code do the
$local.myfoobar -> &myfoobar conversion.
All of this can be done in db, I guess.

Any regexp wiz interested?

>You're obliged to port as a wizard, unless someone's violated my
>copyright and given Autoport to non-wizards.

You port as wiz, ok, but does all the code you port with @autoport is
wizzed-on-arrival? or only the wizzed if it was wiz owned at the from_site



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