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MOO listing for an online MOO journal.

Hi MOO administrators.

        I am assembling a listing of Muds/MOOs related to education in
 the very loose sense.  If your MOO has anything remotely related please
 submit it. This relates to education of the general public as well as
 schools, etc.  This will be published in the DU journal of VR education
 which will be released soon.  Its an online journal which has mostly
 articles on moo related education.

Example Format:

Name            Diversity University
Telnet address 8888
Contact person  Jeanne McWhorter
email address
Guest policy    Guests allowed, connect guest

We would very much like to get the K-12 schools and other private moos
listed but understand the need for controlling access to them.
At the same time, we hope to foster more collaboration across muds/moos.
So perhaps the telnet address can be listed as 'private' and guest logins
would be 'Not allowed'.  Then mud professionals could contact the person
in charge and negotiate supervised access if that is deemed useful.

The purpose of this will be to complete a long list of muds/moos
and make access to some easier. At the same time it must limit access
to those who wish privacy yet leave room for those whom they
may want contact with to make inquiries.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, this list will be placed in a web
file so telnet off it will be enabled for MOOs that do not object.

                        Donald (
                        Editor DU journal of VR Education.

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