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      Date:  12/18/1995  09:44 am  (Monday)  
      From:  0bsidian (Melvin Byrd)
        To:  INET("")
   Subject:  Re: MOO for PCs? -Reply

I got the 10/94 one working fine except for that $network prob and a
couple of other weirdnesses (PANIC related), created a couple of
chars and can connect as them with no problem.  I gave Archwizard a
password too and no problems there either.  I had a problem at first
because it wasn't dumping the database anywhere and anything I did
was erased and I was back to the lambdacore.db.  

If that is the prob just load it again (using msdosmoo <input.db>
dumpfile.  Make some changes and then @shutdown.  That saved the
changes for me (and creates dumpfile.#1#).  It doesn't checkpoint as
far as I can tell, but it seems as if it would be easy enough to code
a forked verb that would call @dump-database [or whatever it is
called...I'm in a hurry so indulge me] in dosmoo to take its place. 
I haven't done it yet, but plan to give that a try later.  I am
experimenting with it at home and am about to d/l lambdacore at work
to give it a shot here maybe.  Hope that helps...can't wait to hear
how it goes.

0bsidian wander

0bsidian@BayMOO, EdenMOO, LambdaMOO

>>> Trevor J Richardson (aka Rocko) <> 
12/18/95, 07:48am >>>
Problem with the msdosmoo......

	I've created some chars with the Oct 93 db, but you can't connect 
as them.  It keeps on coming up with Password incorrect or player
doesn't  exist!.  This also happens when you change the wizard's
password, so the  db is unusable!

Any ideas?????

Trevor <I really need a new sig> Richardson

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