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Bill Garrett <> wrote:

>As a wizard, type this in:

>  ;open_network_connection( "localhost", 25 )

>It should give you a negative object number, like:

>  => #-1234 <invalid>

>In this case, type:  ;boot_player( #-1234 )
>If you see this, something is weird.

I did this and did get a negative object number which I then booted.  This
didn't solve the mailing out problem, so I tried it again and got another
negative object number (the first was -50, the second was -51, the third
was -52, so I imagine this would continue ad infinitum) which I then
booted.  What now? wrote:
> The system cannot resolve the name of the system you're connected from.
>means that your nameserver is down.

I checked with my sys admin who says the nameserver is definitely not down.

I examined $network on Lambda Moo and compared their settings to my
settings, and my moo has everything set to our specs the way they have
theirs set to their specs.  Why won't my moo send mail when people do
@request?  This is really a stumper, and I'm not sure what to check next to
solve the problem.

Thank you for your suggestions.


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