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I would like to thank those of you who responded to my earlier plea for assistance. <G>.  However, I'd like to pick your brains a little more, if you don't mind (and God I hope this doesn't waste bandwidth) <G>...

(1)  Got the Net-Mail up and working - haven't applied the fix yet for the #503 whachamacallit but it's forwarding and sending and that's all I care about - however...  I sent a request for a player and specified one of my alternate E-Mail addresses.  The header I received was quite strange.  Instead of saying, "From: <>" (which did appear in the "Reply-to:" field) the header said:
	Date: Mon Dec 11 22:48:41 1995 GMT-0300
	Reply to:
	Subject: Your YourMOO character, test
	>From Wizard@YourMOO:
I've gone through the $network and $mail variables and set everything up - am I missing something else?

(2)  Allright - this may sound like a really stupid question - but to someone who's fairly familiar with Unix - but unfortunately not so with MOO's, I was a bit surprised after going through the object numbers and finding a player called "Hacker" ?!  Needless to say it's password has since been changed to something so unintelligable - hell, I even forgot what I set it to - BUT - what is this "player" used for anyway?  It sure owns a lot of verbs....  I know, stupid question...

(3)  The housekeeper... is this a process that is constantly running while the MOO is in operation?  I remember reading that it will pick up "litter", etc. as well.  ????

(4)  Object Numbers:  After recycling an object, will it's numbers ever be re-used automatically or is there something specific the Wizard must do?  Also, I've recycled several objects created by Wizard (including a few toaded test characters) however, when I @audit wizard, they appear still in the database but with <invalid-object> as their description.  Should I worry?

(5)  And last but not least - does anyone know of a way for automatically "cleaning up" the database while the MOO is in operation or am I subject to the database growing in sizes so large that it uses up all my system resources (special thanks to "def" for kinda helping me out on this issue the other night - but how can I, as a Wizard, ensure that once we go live the players will purge their mail (and how can I check?) or is this something the housekeeper will do automatically?)

Sorry for the trouble... thanks in advance!



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