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> (2)  Allright - this may sound like a really stupid question - but to someone who's fairly familiar with Unix - but unfortunately not so with MOO's, I was a bit surprised after going through the object numbers and finding a player called "Hacker" ?!  Needless to say it's password has since been changed to something so unintelligable - hell, I even forgot what I set it to - BUT - what is this "player" used for anyway?  It sure owns a lot of verbs....  I know, stupid question...

You're experienced in UNIX?  Then you know the value of making some 
executables NOT owned by root?  In lambdacore, there are only four 
players, only one of which can be logged in to (#2).  Hacker is that 
non-wizard character that owns all the stuff that shouldn't be given wiz 
perms.  The other two players are Housekeeper.. I'm not really sure why 
Housekeeper is there other than a nice decor.. maybe it had more use in 
older cores, but it doesn't do much now to warrant being a player; and 
Everyman, which is the guy / girl with no permissions at all.. it doesn't 
even own itself.  So if youw ant a verb to run with permissions that any 
player has, but won't allow it to do anything that every player can't 
already do, then set_task_perms($no_one) ($no_one is Everyman)

You don't have to change their passwords.  Their passwordes by default is 
"Impossible password to type", which, coincidentally, is impossible to 
type.  So they can't be logged in to.

> (4)  Object Numbers:  After recycling an object, will it's numbers ever be re-used automatically or is there something specific the Wizard must do?  Also, I've recycled several objects created by Wizard (including a few toaded test characters) however, when I @audit wizard, they appear still in the database but with <invalid-object> as their description.  Should I worry?

If you use recycle(), then no, they will never be used again.  That's why 
you should use $recycler:_recycle and $recycler:_create (did I get those 
verbs right?)  That keeps the object around, just strips it of everything 
it has, chparents it to $garbage, and chowns it to Hacker.  _create hands 
you an object, just like create(), just using a child of $garbage if 
that's appropriate.

Note:  it is concievable that, by friek accident, if you use $recycler to 
recycle an object that at one time belonged to a player, that player may 
still have things owned by it in the database, like a verb on someone 
else's feature.  If then a new player is created out of that same object, 
it would then inherit ownership of those verbs.  Could be a security 
hole, but the chances of something like this happening and becoming a 
serious problem is very remote.  Just it is possible.  Maybe when you 
create players use create() rather than $recycler:_create(), to insure 
that the player gets a fresh object number, rather than an old one?

> (5)  And last but not least - does anyone know of a way for automatically "cleaning up" the database while the MOO is in operation or am I subject to the database growing in sizes so large that it uses up all my system resources (special thanks to "def" for kinda helping me out on this issue the other night - but how can I, as a Wizard, ensure that once we go live the players will purge their mail (and how can I check?) or is this something the housekeeper will do automatically?)

Switch over to a byte based quota system.  That'll limit how much of your 
system resources that each player can use.  The instructions on how to do 
that is floating around here somewhere.. I forget myself all of it, and, 
being in Pine, I can't login to BayMOO to check which names of props are 
set.  (that's also why I didn't answer the first question, about mail.  I 
did it but I forget the exact property names)


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