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Setup Comments Please (newbie)


	I have been given the job of setting up a virtual environment
	based on the Lambda Moo so I am asking for comments and advice
	to the best approach to satisfy the requirements.

	The environment will be a virtual model of the university and the
	students (1st year) will be using it contact staff and other student
	and study ethics issues.

	The environment is expected to be able to:
	1) Log all connects e.g. The internet address.
	2) Control connects e.g. Password or Access lists, friendly
	   domains or sites.
	3) Replace the builtin editor with Vi or some other full screen
	4) File storage exchange mechanisms. Local edit then send to 
	   the Moo or the reverse.
	5) Develop or modify a "Good" Client program.

	Thank you for your help in advance, any and all advice is

	Regards David.

 David Channon                                .-_|\
 Department of Computer Science              /     \
 The University of Newcastle                 \.--._/
 NSW, 2308, AUSTRALIA                             v
 Email : 
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"Virtual Memory is like an orgasm, It's better if you don't fake it!"
		-- S Cray


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