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Re: making your moo send mail

> The system cannot resolve the name of the system you're connected from.
> Please send mail to , with the character name you want.

As a wizard, type this in:

  ;open_network_connection( "localhost", 25 )

It should give you a negative object number, like:

  => #-1234 <invalid>

In this case, type:  ;boot_player( #-1234 )
If you see this, something is weird.  On the other hand if you get:


It means the UNIX processes that do Internet name-lookups have stopped 
running.  The solution here (short term anyway) is to @shutdown and 
restart the MOO.  If you got:

  => E_PERM

Then your networking is not, after all, enabled.
Some people connect from machines that don't resolve into an Internet 
hostname (people with SLIP or PPP, for example); if this is only 
happening for a few of your users, you may wish to ask them to connect 
from other accounts to do the @request itself.  They will still be able 
to connect with their own network software.
Hope this helps.

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