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Re: making your moo send mail

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995, Jeanne Davis wrote:

> I've been struggling with making my moo send mail so that people can
> request characters.  Right now when you do @request player name for email
> address, the moo returns:
> The system cannot resolve the name of the system you're connected from.
> Please send mail to , with the character name you want.

Well, that means that your nameserver is down.  And it looks like 
everyone is connecting from an IP address, and using the IP, it doesn't 
know if the address you @request for is the same or similar address that 
you are connecting from, so it sends that message.   I am not sure of the 
specifics to fix it, though, but you just have to do something in the 
account the MOO is running from....

To put in an email address where it says "Please send mail to , with the 
character name you want.", you have to set $login.registration_address to 
your email address or whichever wizard you want to be the registrar.

Hope that helped a little. :)
Bats! @ LambdaMOO
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