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Why not to run Linux

Mail, news, and WWW are easier under Windows than Unix?  Um.  Which rock
have you been hiding under?  Tin and pine are just as easy to use as any
'doze mailer/newsreader and are smaller, faster, and more efficient.
Netscape is Netscape no matter which platform you run it under.  And none
of these things do you any good until you've set up TCP/IP.  It took me
less than two minutes to set up a brand-new linux machine and connect it
to the LAN (and the Internet, via the LAN).  I /still/ haven't gotten Doze95
to do it...

WordPerfect 6 runs beautifully under X.  What else do you need for word-
processing and DTP?  And a very nice spreadsheet program comes with the
Slackware linux distribution.

There is no need to dedicate a machine to linux, anyway.  You can boot linux
to run a MOO just as easily as you can start one from the DOS prompt (actually,
judging by the messages on this list, a lot /more/ easily...).  And you
can still run 95% of your DOS apps under dosemu; if you really need Windows
apps, there's WABI, and Wine will be ready RSN.  Or you could just get the
Mac versions; Executor does a fine job.

There's no excuse for 99% of the people on this list not to be running Linux.



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