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Re: Why not to run Linux

> There's no excuse for 99% of the people on this list not to be running Linux.

Although my better judgement told me not to followup to this, my opinions 
beat the shit out of it and ergo this reply was created.

Basically, you make the mistaken assumption that 99% of the people on 
this list are actually RUNNING a server, which is false.  Most people are 
simply involved with MOO.

However, even further assuming your comment simply meant that most people 
should run MOO under _Linux_ is rather presumptous.  I have installed ~5 
Linux boxes (3 slackware, 2 debian dist), and I don't plan on doing it 
again, I now use the much cleaner/standardized/direced FreeBSD 
distribution for all of my needs.  Its basically easier for all aspects.  
However, OS wars aside I think you could generalize your terminology a 
little by simply stating 'pc unix', as I could come up with arguments for 
NetBSD as well (such as you want to run it on a mac).


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