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Re: Why not to run Linux

> Mail, news, and WWW are easier under Windows than Unix?  Um.  Which rock
> have you been hiding under?  Tin and pine are just as easy to use as any
> 'doze mailer/newsreader and are smaller, faster, and more efficient.

Totally untrue...and please stop posting to the MOO-COWS lists on 
these off-sub matters.  A graphical interface is FAR MORE easier than 
cryptic keyboard commands...CTRL-WHAT????!

> Netscape is Netscape no matter which platform you run it under.  And none
> of these things do you any good until you've set up TCP/IP.  It took me
> less than two minutes to set up a brand-new linux machine and connect it
> to the LAN (and the Internet, via the LAN).  I /still/ haven't gotten Doze95
> to do it...

Two minutes to install and setup Linux?  I don't think so.  Setting 
up Win'95 for TCP/IP via a modem is a breeze.

> WordPerfect 6 runs beautifully under X.  What else do you need for word-
> processing and DTP?  And a very nice spreadsheet program comes with the
> Slackware linux distribution.

Word beats Wordpefect (windows) any day of the week.  You cannot beat 
WYSIWYG for any word processing.

> There is no need to dedicate a machine to linux, anyway.  You can boot linux
> to run a MOO just as easily as you can start one from the DOS prompt (actually,
> judging by the messages on this list, a lot /more/ easily...).  And you
> can still run 95% of your DOS apps under dosemu; if you really need Windows
> apps, there's WABI, and Wine will be ready RSN.  Or you could just get the
> Mac versions; Executor does a fine job.

Yes...but you cannot run it while you are in a DOS session as well.  
If there WERE a DOS/Windows MOO, it would run more easily than on 
Linux (under Win'95).

What rock have you been under?  Hardly anyone runs DOS apps 
primarily.  It is a Windows world and most of us live in it.  I 
cannot have my client call asking about his program and say "Oh, 
sorry...I am in Linux MOOing now."
> There's no excuse for 99% of the people on this list not to be running Linux.

IN your opinion and in your little world...but not in the real world. 
The ONLY reason most here would need/use Linux is for M*ing...And 
that pays no bills.
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