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Re: Why not to run Linux

At 11:12 AM 12/20/95 PST, Neuro wrote:
>I /still/ haven't gotten Doze95 to do [TCP/IP]

Win95 immediately recognized my network card and I was on the Net within
 five minutes.  No offense, but a child could do it.

>There's no excuse for 99% of the people on this list not to be running Linux.

I don't have a CD-ROM.  My hard drive is running DOS and I can't afford a new
 one to install Linux.  I don't have enough space to use the funky partition
 aids to slice off a piece for Linux.

I grabbed the Win95 files, clicked SETUP and everything was done for me.  I
 didn't have to FTP several dozen disk images, unpack them to floppies,
 re-partition and re-format a hard drive, and wander through setting up a
 multi-user system for my single-user purposes.

Why keep DOS/Win?  Win95 is a slick interface of which I've grown very fond.
 What I've seen of X doesn't hold a candle to it.

I prefer Eudora and Qmodem 95 to elm and telnet.  I can't run Rise of the
Triad,  Terminal Velocity, Hexen, FX Fighter et al on Linux.  I enjoy
playing those games.

And lastly--I have a shell account when I want UNIX.  I like UNIX systems.  I
 just don't wanna run them on my PC.

I'll back out of the OS wars now.  I like Mac.  I like Win95.  I like DOS.
 I like UNIX.  I prefer Win95 on my PC.



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