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Re: Why not to run Linux

>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon Gillespie <> writes:

    >> There's no excuse for 99% of the people on this list not to be
    >> running Linux.
    Brandon> Although my better judgement told me not to followup to
    Brandon> this, my opinions beat the shit out of it and ergo this
    Brandon> reply was created.

    Brandon> Basically, you make the mistaken assumption that 99% of
    Brandon> the people on this list are actually RUNNING a server,
    Brandon> which is false.  Most people are simply involved with
    Brandon> MOO.

    Brandon> However, even further assuming your comment simply meant
    Brandon> that most people should run MOO under _Linux_ is rather
    Brandon> presumptous.  I have installed ~5 Linux boxes (3
    Brandon> slackware, 2 debian dist), and I don't plan on doing it
    Brandon> again, I now use the much cleaner/standardized/direced
    Brandon> FreeBSD distribution for all of my needs.  Its basically
    Brandon> easier for all aspects.  However, OS wars aside I think
    Brandon> you could generalize your terminology a little by simply
    Brandon> stating 'pc unix', as I could come up with arguments for
    Brandon> NetBSD as well (such as you want to run it on a mac).

I think that I could go even one step farther.  I switched my PC from
DOS & windoze to ISC 386/ix Unix SVR3.2 and X11R3 in 1989 for the
primary reason that I was totally fed up with Microsoft tech support
and did not want to deal with them again.  I only moved to Linux early
this year.

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