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OpalCore testers wanted

So it's been eons and eons and I think we're nearly ready to get some
testers and try and release OpalCore.  (The first release was scheduled
for over a year ago, but it got trashed in an awfully exciting story
I'll have to tell you sometime.)

I'm looking, thus, for testers.  Someone willing to start up a MOO with
this Core and report bugs and stuff to me.  Someone willing to deal with
what I hope is a stable system, but can't guarantee.  Someone who'd let
the zip-loc guy put that baggie of killer bees down his pants.

If you are this person, drop me some mail.


Seth I. Rich
Woo, woo!  OpalMOO's back!       There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.


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