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Re: OpalCore testers wanted

>>>>> "Seth" == Seth I Rich <> writes:

    Seth> So it's been eons and eons and I think we're nearly ready to
    Seth> get some testers and try and release OpalCore.  (The first
    Seth> release was scheduled for over a year ago, but it got
    Seth> trashed in an awfully exciting story I'll have to tell you
    Seth> sometime.)

    Seth> I'm looking, thus, for testers.  Someone willing to start up
    Seth> a MOO with this Core and report bugs and stuff to me.
    Seth> Someone willing to deal with what I hope is a stable system,
    Seth> but can't guarantee.  Someone who'd let the zip-loc guy put
    Seth> that baggie of killer bees down his pants.

    Seth> If you are this person, drop me some mail.

    Seth> Seth/Blackbriar

    Seth> --
    Seth> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Seth> Seth I. Rich Woo, woo!  OpalMOO's back!  There is nothing
    Seth> more precious than Rabbits on walls, no problem.  a tear of
    Seth> true repentance.

I am getting ready to start up a MOO to be used primarily as a
conferencing system, but also intended to be fun as well.  The theme
is to be a church summer camp, and the reason for its existence is to
provide a place for church people, young and old alike, to meet and
talk and play.

Although I have no previous MOO experience, I am an experienced
software developer.  The host system will be Linux 1.2.8 on a machine
that is on the internet constantly with a fixed ip address and a
registered domain name.

Do I qualify as a potential beta tester?  What are the features of
OpalMOO compared to the alternatives?


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