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Re: No line input

for Win95 try Pueblo by Chaco, download froim it works for me.

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996, Antonio Martos wrote:

> I'working in some kind of dedicated moo for a bussines game.
> I need to have two different outputs, a normal comand output and a second
> refreshing data array.
> I tried with two connections, one of them in the usual way and the other
> with ansi codes to move the cursor to the top and redraw.
> It is ok, but i'd like to do that in the same conection like pine, ytalk,
> etc...
> Some questions...
> Usually telnet connections are line-based, that is, no sending until Enter
> key pressed, do not?
> Are there any way for the moo to read keystrokes? Or this is done on client
> side with line-echo option? Can it be done from server side the same way
> the echo option?
> Using Ansi codes I can put the cursor anywhere (on some clients), but may I
> move it ti upper left corner and back? That is, is there any ansi for "back
> to the latest position"? Or do the moo have to "remember" that.
> I tried some kind of "suspended output comand" buffering output in a list
> and allowing players to stop the output from the moo while they type their
> command. This is because clients like Gmud support no ansi codes for
> positioning.
> Anyone knows a moo/mud/telnet client that have full ansi support AND
> separated input line?


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