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No line input

I'working in some kind of dedicated moo for a bussines game.
I need to have two different outputs, a normal comand output and a second
refreshing data array.

I tried with two connections, one of them in the usual way and the other
with ansi codes to move the cursor to the top and redraw.
It is ok, but i'd like to do that in the same conection like pine, ytalk,
Some questions...

Usually telnet connections are line-based, that is, no sending until Enter
key pressed, do not?
Are there any way for the moo to read keystrokes? Or this is done on client
side with line-echo option? Can it be done from server side the same way
the echo option?

Using Ansi codes I can put the cursor anywhere (on some clients), but may I
move it ti upper left corner and back? That is, is there any ansi for "back
to the latest position"? Or do the moo have to "remember" that.

I tried some kind of "suspended output comand" buffering output in a list
and allowing players to stop the output from the moo while they type their
command. This is because clients like Gmud support no ansi codes for
Anyone knows a moo/mud/telnet client that have full ansi support AND
separated input line?



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