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Re: No line input

> Usually telnet connections are line-based, that is, no sending until Enter
> key pressed, do not?

Telnet connections to MUDs, yes.

> Are there any way for the moo to read keystrokes? Or this is done on client
> side with line-echo option? Can it be done from server side the same way
> the echo option?

If you set the binary connection_option, then the MOO will read in whatever
sized chunks of data is sent and not wait for an entire line.

But then you have to get the client to send single characters. Most real
telnet programs will accept telnet options to put them in a
character-at-a-time mode, but probably 95% of people use a MUD client instead
of just raw telnetting. 

> Using Ansi codes I can put the cursor anywhere (on some clients), but may I
> move it ti upper left corner and back? That is, is there any ansi for "back
> to the latest position"? Or do the moo have to "remember" that.

If `x' is an ESC, you can `save' the current position with:


And later restore it with:


> Anyone knows a moo/mud/telnet client that have full ansi support AND
> separated input line?

TinyFugue will do it's best, while passing through any ANSI sequences, if you
do `/set emulation=raw'.



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