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Basic MCP w/

Can anyone provide me with some very basic verbs using MCP and Cup-O-MUD?

It works for me on DU, but playing with it on my Linux machine here at
home it doesn't seem to respond to the MCP commands as I think it
should...for example a VERY simple example, with an object call test, with
a verb startmcp, which is just


I expect C-o-M to return the auth string and other details.

Nope, if I have the MCP paramater turned on on the applet I get NOTHING
back...if I have it turned off I of course just get the literal string
echoed back at me...


or *am i missing something*?

I'm assuming MCP comes in and out via the normal text it
perhaps out-of-band? If so, how do I use it?

And in a similar vein, the C-o-M docs say that the client send requests
back to the server as well...I habve never seen evidence of these, which
perhaps strengthens my suspicion that its using out-of-band communications
to do the business...


Has anyone prepared a MCP primer similar to the basic MOOcode ones on, top help an MCP novice in their first few verbs?


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