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Re: Ansi & FUP

I installed the ansi package, and got the same error. I choose to install 
FUP because it also has some other interesting abilities that are quite 
usefull in keeping bloat organized.

The File Utilities Package (FUP) can be found at:

Course, you will have to recompile your MOO server, but I found it to be 
worth it. And a lot simpler then editing the DB. :) Besides, like I said 
before, FUP is useful for other things as well.

BTW, if anybody out there knows the FUP stuff real well, I am having 
trouble trying to write/read a list to/from disk. I'm fiddling with the 
code for the markov chainer trying to see if I can get it save all that 
data offline so it doesn't waste my DB. SO if anybody knows how to deal 
with list<-->file conversions, or has already done this with the markov, 
let me know so I can start pestering you for details. :)

And on the Ansi note, good luck to Dark_Owl, hoping he gets his other 
projects finished up soon so he can work on the ansi again. I can't wait 
to install the new version for all new TBs that need to be sorted out. ;) 
I still haven't got all the old ones figured out, but I eagerly await the 
new. :)

	ShadowFire/Patrick, ArchWiz of Medieval MOUSE ( 7777)
	                                              (blatant plug)


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