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Re: Basic MCP w/

Please note that in future, the appropriate place for Cup-O MUD specific 
questions is probably to send email to me rather than to this list.  Not 
only will it result in an answer without spamming everyone else on the 
list with something which doesn't really pertain to MOO-Cows, but it'll 
probably result in a faster response as I don't check MOO-Cows as often as 
I do my personal mail.

(as this answer does pertain somewhat to the way the MOO server parses 
input, though, I'm responding on this list as well)

Anyway, as for the actual message:

> player:tell("#$#mcp");
> I expect C-o-M to return the auth string and other details.
> Nope, if I have the MCP paramater turned on on the applet I get NOTHING
> back...if I have it turned off I of course just get the literal string
> echoed back at me...

Please note that the MCP responses sent by Cup-O MUD (and any other 
MCP-capable clients) start with "#$#", which by default is interpreted by 
the MOO server as an out-of-band command (resulting in a call to 
#0:do_out_of_band_command instead of normal input processing).  Thus if  
you're  trying to get the response by read()ing or by doing something like 
creating a $player:"#$#authentication-key" verb, you won't see any 
results.  You will need to create a #0:do_out_of_band_command verb which 
processes the appropriate MCP lines from the client (or disable 
out-of-band processing in options.h and recompile the MOO server).

> And in a similar vein, the C-o-M docs say that the client send requests
> back to the server as well...I habve never seen evidence of these, which
> perhaps strengthens my suspicion that its using out-of-band
> communications to do the business...

Actually, as of Cup-O MUD version 1.1 (the current version), the only
time the client actually sends MCP requests back to the server is when it
receives an #$#mcp request from the server (at which point it sends an
#$#authentication-key  response and a #$#window-info status message), or
when the size of the applet is changed (causing the window-info
parameters to change, which results in another #$#window-info message).

> Has anyone prepared a MCP primer similar to the basic MOOcode ones on
>, top help an MCP novice in their first few verbs?

Not that I'm aware of.  I have actually written a completely functional
MCP/1.0 ($mcp) implementation on DU, which I suppose I should post for
other people to take advantage of (I keep forgetting when I have the time 
to do it, tho)..

      Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."

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