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once again, not only are we the victims, but the people involved.  i can 
see how this could excalate to alarming levels rather quickly, 
thank you for helping me demonstate just how easy it is to get sucked 
into this sort of thing.

you have a nice day too ;)

On Sat, 7 Dec 1996, Richard Godard wrote:

> I can't believe YOUR incompetence since you did a reply that included the
> whole crap. Please learn how to edit your replies, then do the net search
> you suggest AND READ IT! You will most likely learn that half of the virus
> are people who forward the virus alert and the other half are the people
> who flame the previously mentioned clueless AND include the whole virus
> alert in their reply.
> </FLAME>
> Have a good day.
> -- Richard


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