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At 14:45 -0600 12/7/96, jer wrote:
>I can't beleive the incompetence of you people that fall for that crap.
>One of thse days, when you find some spare time, do a net search for
>'urban legends' or 'im a gullable fool'.  This is another re-incarnation
>of 'good times', a hoax that really peopled alot of fooled
>alot of people.

I can't believe YOUR incompetence since you did a reply that included the
whole crap. Please learn how to edit your replies, then do the net search
you suggest AND READ IT! You will most likely learn that half of the virus
are people who forward the virus alert and the other half are the people
who flame the previously mentioned clueless AND include the whole virus
alert in their reply.

Have a good day.

-- Richard

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