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At 01:13 PM 12/7/96 PST, The Avatar wrote:
>Come on...this isn't a place to get flamed.
>Lets just stop posting stuff on the Virus alert.
>We all know now it can't be done.  And this
>is supposted to be a mailing list to help
>people.  We all get tricked once in a while.
>I'll leave it at that.

I think I agree with one of the other posts...
half the noise is by people telling the others
to shut up.

>When you type a word on the moo, how does
>the moo know where the word is verb on an
>FO or something like that?  Is it
>the player_huh_command or soemthing like
>that?  Thanks.
when you type a command, it looks for
verbs like that on you and the
adjoining objects (room, direct/indirect
object). If it doesn't find one it looks
at #1:huh. Which calls $command_utils:
do_huh, which calls the player's my_huh.
That's the part that handles features.
You can program it on player classes or
whatever to recognize any word not
otherwise known. For rooms, :here_huh is
called. That's how most non-direction exits
work. Don't you hate 40-column wrapping?
Are you using a Commodore 64? C64s rock.

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