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On Sat, 7 Dec 1996, The Avatar wrote:

> When you type a word on the moo, how does
> the moo know where the word is verb on an
> FO or something like that?  Is it
> the player_huh_command or soemthing like
> that?  Thanks.

The moo first parses the command and then looks for the verb on the 
player, then the direct object, indirect object, and then the room.  If 
it doesn't find that then it does a #0:do_huh  (I think that's the verb) 
and if your using the lambda core, this moves onto the 
$command_utils:do_huh, which calls player:my_huh, then room:here_huh, 
and I think there is a third one I can't remember.  but player:my_huh is 
the one that searches the FOs that the player has.  If none of these 
finds the verb then it gives you the 'I don't understand'


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