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Christmas spirit . . . a little modern community service

>> Houghton Miffin Interactive is sponsoring a message drive that will
>> raise books for children hospitalized this Christmas.  For every 25
>> messages received, they will donate one book to a children's hospital.
>> I think this is a worthy cause, and it only takes a minute to contribute
>> your message.  Here's what HMI says about it:
>> "In The Polar Express, following a magical train ride to the North Pole,
>> a young boy discovers that only those willing to believe can hear the
>> sound of the sleigh bell Santa Claus has given him. The campaign
>> translates the book's sense of wonder and message of faith into an
>> invitation to help children who can't be home during the holidays."
>> "To participate all you need is a free minute or two to post a message
>> on this site and, like the young boy in The Polar Express, the
>> willingness to truly believe in the spirit of the season. For every 25
>> messages received, HMI will donate a copy of The Polar Express or
>> another children's book to a children's hospital."
>> "Our goal this year is to receive 50,000 messages, TWICE the goal we set
>> in 1995. So join the campaign, share the spirit and pass this URL along
>> to anyone else who's willing to share!"
>> The URL is  Please send a message to them,
>> and send a copy of this message to anyone else who might like to donate
>> a message.
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