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Looking for a career change?

Hey MOOers!  (Talking to the ones who would fit into the corporate environment)

Andersen Consulting's Education division is looking to fill some new positions 

Thats right, your MOO skills are desired in the corporate world and here's your 
chance to MOO, email, manage databases, video conference, audio conference, and 
network for a global audience of 36,000 consultants.   -----and get paid nicely 
for it.

Heres the catch,  were not ONLY looking for virtual skills, so see if you fall 
into this next category:

The position is called a "Learning Coach".  The job of a learning coach is to 
facilitate the learning, group dynamics, communication and cognitive and social 
skills of the participants and faculty attending our extensive training 
programs.  Formats include Goal-Based Scenarios, Problem-Based learning, etc.. 
(many learn-by-doing formats which include teaming and resource management)

Learning coaches usually have degrees in human communication and interaction, 
learning theory, psychology, cognitive sciences, etc.. or equivalent experience 
in the field.  

Recently Andersen Consulting has been developing a number of virtual classroom 
solutions including formats ranging from asynchronous database interactions to 
text-based synchronous (like MOO), to networked application sharing to 
networked audio/video/whiteboarding sessions..    we need learning coaches with 
new skills.

Do you fit this profile?  Do you know someone who does?  Interested in working 
for Andersen (a high-profile global consulting firm)? 

Get in touch with me for more information.  I am an Instructional Designer in 
the Virtual Classroom Solution Center at Andersen Consulting Education in St. 
Charles, IL (near Chicago).

phone: 630-444-5682

Chimera (RiverMOO, BayMOO, DU, Lambda, Meridian, etc, etc, etc)


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