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MOO programming opportunity...

(excuse if this has already been sent here before, please.)

Hiya, folks.

Trying to find a few MOO programmers to take care of some tricky challenges:
We need to get our MOO (custom core) to do some funky database and
outbound/inbound network stuff. (eg: we need it to talk to an SQL database,
dump and read binary MIDI data to a localhost server, etc.)

Since we also need someone to hack together a number of servers to support
these functions on our Sparc and a separate linux box, we'd be especially
excited to find MOO programmers who can also hold their own in (UNIX) C. In
fact, if there's someone who can program MOO, UNIX C, and knows some
appletalk chops as well, we'll praise the heavens and prostrate ourselves, etc.

The pay for these projects is good, and they could be done remotely if
necessary. However, if you're interested, you should also be prepared
for us to fly you to Santa Fe (new mexico) for an interview in the
near future (like maybe even before xmas if possible -- just for a day tho'.)

BTW: Background: this project is DRGNMOO -- we're building a custom MOO
client for Mac and Windows that enables real-time MIDI music jamming and some
other goodies. (  BTW: The MOO at that site
( is going to be phased out. DRGNMOO is
resident elsewhere.

*thanks* for any interest!

phone: 1-888-pi (1-888-3.141593 -- toll free.) ask for canton


PS: If you've already talked to me about this before, please contact me
again. I'm in the process of rifling through my files trying to dig up
everyone I've already talked to, and I'm having a nightmare of a time
finding what I already know about who. :)

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