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A Catalog of Spey and Dee Flies

Honey Dipper
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Honey Dipper
R. J. Brown
Hook: Partridge Bartleet Supreme CS10/2 #1/0.
Tag: flat gold mylar tinsel, from halfway between the barb and the point, and as wide as from the barb to the point.
Rib: fine gold oval tinsel, spaced as far apart as the hook diameter, with gold wire as a counter-rib.
Body: burnt orange pseudo-seal dubbing.
Hackle: dark dun emu, tied in at the back, tip first, palmered over the entire body, following the rib.
Collar: hot orange burnt goose shoulder Spey hackle, one side stripped so the hackles stand out from the fly.
Head: black, slim, same length as the tag.
Note: Named because the palmered emu hackle looks like those wooden things you dip into a jar of honey. This fly is a killer on the Milwaukee River, where I fish it in many different color combinations; use the colors that work best on your own local waters. This is my own original design. I have never seen a palmered emu body in any other fly pattern. This design takes to heart the advice of Kenn Filkins in " Fly Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead of the Great Lakes", where he say that flies with radial symmetry have the advantage that you never need to worry about whether they are right side up or not; they look the same to the fish at any orientation. This is an advantage also shared with most tube flies.

Fly tied and photographed by R. J. Brown.

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