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For whatever it's worth (and i don't expect it to be worth much, to
you), you come off sounding like a self-important neophyte who has
just recently gotten his hands on some power and is pumped up over
it.  It's commendable that your concerns are for ethical behavior, but
it's down-right scary that your focus is on the behavior of others.

You've done your reputation a terrible amount of harm ... you obviously 
have no idea how much ... by claiming 

       I think many of its guidelines might apply equally well to
       those of you who wish to be considered more than amateurs.

i don't know you.  i don't know anything about you.  Except that i
have no need for your "approval" of me, nor that of anyone who
subscribes to your brand of social control and coercion.

Congratulations -- you've made the Big Time: you'll get flamed by
people who have been in the profession for many years, and are
recognized as professionals by those whose opinions, as you'll find,
really count.  For your sake, i hope that most discount this as
youthful enthusiasm, and afford you another chance ... but many will
not, and will remember you, and not kindly.  You've made the mistake
of attempting to impose your beliefs on others, and ridiculing those
of us who disagree with you, and "warning" your likeminded compatriots
that we pose a "threat" to them -- while, in fact, it is this attitude
of "we know what's best for all of you" that is the threat.

Good luck, i expect you'll be needing it.


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