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Re: ethics discussion

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Elias <> writes:

    Doug> Congratulations -- you've made the Big Time: you'll get
    Doug> flamed by people who have been in the profession for many
    Doug> years, and are recognized as professionals by those whose
    Doug> opinions, as you'll find, really count.  For your sake, i
    Doug> hope that most discount this as youthful enthusiasm, and
    Doug> afford you another chance ... but many will not, and will
    Doug> remember you, and not kindly.  You've made the mistake of
    Doug> attempting to impose your beliefs on others, and ridiculing
    Doug> those of us who disagree with you, and "warning" your
    Doug> likeminded compatriots that we pose a "threat" to them --
    Doug> while, in fact, it is this attitude of "we know what's best
    Doug> for all of you" that is the threat.

Mr. Boyken, you shold be aware that LambdaMOO was originated at, and
still runs on a computer at, the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center --
PARC.  If you have ever used an Apple MacIntosh, you owe this place a
great debt.  If you have ever heard of SmallTalk, be informed that
this is its birthplace.  If you remember InterLisp (before Common
Lisp) this is one of its greatest strongholds.  There are people
actively MOOing that are highly respected in Computer Science circles,
even pioneers.  Your claims of professionalism pale in their bright
light.  I took a look at your web page, so I know you are not a young
upstart.  Indeed, you seem to me to be an old upstart!

I do not know what your fears of MOO are founded on, as you neglected
to tell us, but I gather that you think all mooer's are college kids
with nothing better to do.  I invite you to look at my resume and list
of published papers, one of which is online (more to come, when I get
the time...), and to inform the rest of us where we can see refereed
examples of *YOUR* professionalism.

Good day Sir.

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