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Re: MOOs running off Linux...

Followup to:  <>
By author:    Patrick Somers <>
In newsgroup: local.moo
> Linux is a bit to modular for simple installations. When I first
> installed it I was missing several packages that the MOO code
> requires to compile completely. Yes, I now it says some of these are
> optional, but that is for Linux to actually run.  This is what I
> have installed, I'm not sure which ones are actually needed, but you
> might want to make sure you have all these packages.
> A, AP, D, E, F, K, N
> I downloaded my copy, so there may be some differences. But your
> problem is that you most likely do not have all the proper files
> installed. Cuz once I got everything installed the MOO complied with
> a snap.

Well, you're typically better off with getting it on CD-ROM rather
than downloading it... you can get it for under $10 if you want.  I
would also suggest using Red Hat rather than Slackware; the latest
Slackware is buggy.


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