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Re: Composition area

>>>>> "Chuck" == Chuck Mize <> writes:

    Chuck> Greetings, Awhile back I was visiting different MOO sites
    Chuck> and found a site that allowed you to set an input mode
    Chuck> where what the user was typing would not be interupted by
    Chuck> the noise in the room.  I thought this must have been a
    Chuck> common feature so I did not pay more attention to it.  Now
    Chuck> on our educational MOO, the main complaint we have is that
    Chuck> comments being composed by one user are constantly being
    Chuck> interupted by other users comments.

    Chuck> How can we set up the MOO so that when a user starts a
    Chuck> comment or command, other traffic will not interrupt their
    Chuck> typing?  Any and all help is always appreciated.

    Chuck> Chuck Mize

You should not use bare telnet to connect (unless you are like my
duaghter, who actually *LIKES* this behaviour!).  You should use a
client, such a MUD-mode on emacs.  Then you will get the desired
behaviour with *ANY* MUD, MUSE, or MOO.

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