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In my opinion, there should be a functional range of cores, with tradeable
components or Modules, oriented towards specific functions, and specific

In NewCore, I am considering the following breakdown:

Mod0.db   A slightly more sophisticated version of Minimal.db with
          Lambda style multiple user capabilities, and a SuperWizard
          Called Archwizard oriented towards maintenance of the Db.

Mod1.db   A Module to add to Mod0.db adding a necessary Guest Level
	  Character, Detailed rooms, and Feature Objects, or Verb Libraries

Mod2.db   A Module to add basic Programming capabilities
	  an editor, Toolkits, and utilities, the base level programmer
	  and a help system, Tutorial system etc.

Mod3.db   A Module to add basic building capabilities
	  Generic Rooms, special Rooms for building in, special
	  building tools...etc.

Mod4.db   A Module to introduce Player Diversity

Mod5.db   A module to introduce controlled melding of objects
	  and thus to allow multiple inheritance

Mod6.db   A module to introduce Library Functions for swapping in
	  and out Modules as needed.

Mod7.db   A module to introduce advanced vr techniques
	  such as morphing etc.

Mod8.db   A module to introduce network interconnectivity


Once the basic System was modularized in this manner, and so that the
dependencies between the modules are obvious, and declared, it could 
then be combined with a file system and Application Libraries. Essentially
turning the Core itself into a Dynamic Link Library of Unique Objects, and
Useful Verbs. The Modules could then be mixed and matched to create specific

IMHO that is a far superior Database, than the mostly adhoc ones that we
see today.... of course the selection of functions and the order is open
for debate, as I am just starting work on Mod0, and expect to be tied down
with it, for an extended period as I attempt to perfect it. :)

A newbie Archwizard that is Modularizing the Core out of Sheer Frustration
at it's lack of maintainability.

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Timothy C. Brown wrote:

> IMHO, I just think there should be a MOO Database Archive, housing all manner
> of core databases for specific functions.  Like an RPG Core for RPG MOOs 
> (AD&D perhaps?) or something similar; then cores for social (talker) MOOs
> (Perhaps with channel communications), etc, etc.
> Timothy Brown <>
> On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, C. Regis Wilson wrote:
> > >So I was once again hacking minimal.db, and I notice that I'm always
> > >starting with the same steps.  Why doesn't minimal.db consist of a single
> > >object, #0, which is a player and a programmer and a wizard, with a
> > >:do_login_command verb which returns #0?  I don't see any reason for
> > >minimal.db to contain a room or root parents at all.
> > >
> > The question is, "What is truly minimal?"  Some might argue that LambdaCore
> > is minimal.  Others posit that ZenMOO ( is minimal,
> > but which version, since there are two?  Don't get me wrong, I agree with you,
> > but perhaps the core could be released with several different "minimal"
> > cores.  Shall we say that a core under 1K is minimal?  Then, we could have
> > in the distribution:
> > 
> > minimal.db(old)
> > sort_of_minimal.db
> > mostly_minimal.db
> > the_latest_in_minimal_dbs.db
> > 
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