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In case you haven't heard about this yet...

>>> **********VIRUS ALERT**********
>>>There is a computer virus that is being sent across the Internet.
>>>If you  receive an E-Mail message with the subject line "Deeyenda", DO
>>>NOT read
>>>the message, DELETE it immediately!
>>>Some miscreant is sending E-Mail under the title "Deeyenda"
>>>nationwide, if you get anything like this DON'T DOWNLOAD THE
>>>FILE!  It has a virus that rewrites your hard drive, obliterates
>>>anything on it.
>>>Please be careful and forward this E-Mail to anyone you care about.
>>>Please read the message below.
>>>The Internet community has again been plagued by another computer virus.
>>> This
>>>message is being spread throughout the Internet, including USENET
>>> and other Internet activities.  The reason for all the attention is
>>>because of
>>>the nature of this virus and the potential security risk it makes.
>>>Instead of a
>>>destructive Trojan virus (like most viruses!), this virus referred to as
>>>Deeyenda Maddick, performs a comprehensive search on your computer,
>>>looking for
>>>valuable information, such as E-Mail and login passwords, credit cards,
>>>inf., etc.
>>>The Deeyenda virus also has the capability to stay memory resident while
>>>a host of applications and operation systems, such as Windows 3.11 and
>>>  What this means to Internet users is that when a login and password
>>>are send
>>>the server, this virus can copy this information and SEND IT OUT TO UN
>>>ADDRESS (varies).
>>>The reason for this warning is because the Deeyenda virus is
>>>virtually undetectable.  Once attacked your computer will be unsecured.
>>>it can attack any O/S this virus is most likely to attack those users
>>>Java enhanced Web Pages (Netscape 2.0+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer
>>>are running under Windows 95).  Researchers at Princeton University have
>>>this virus on a number of World Wide Web pages and fear its spread.
>>>Please pass this on, for we must alert the general public at the
>>>security risks.


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